Pediatric Urinary Incontinence

Pediatric Urinary Incontinence In Arkansas & Texas

Often when you think of urinary incontinence, you may think of an older person who isn’t able to control their bladder as well. However, pediatric urinary incontinence is also an issue that can be addressed. Under the age of 3, it’s completely normal not to have full bladder control, but when a child is old enough to control their bladder, this is known as urinary incontinence, or enuresis. It’s important to understand that enuresis is not a child’s fault and requires patience and understanding. There are ways to treat pediatric urinary incontinence and help your child feel more comfortable in everyday life.

Dealing with Pediatric Urinary Incontinence

Enuresis can happen at any time of day, and this divides it into different types. A child could also deal with more than one type of urinary incontinence. This includes:

  • Diurnal (daytime) enuresis
  • Nocturnal (nighttime) enuresis
  • Primary enuresis
  • Secondary enuresis

Pediatric urinary incontinence could be caused by multiple issues, but the direct cause of nighttime enuresis isn’t always known. Common causes could include:

  • Anxiety
  • ADHD
  • Genetic conditions
  • Diabetes
  • Small bladder
  • Overactive bladder
  • Urinary tract infection

Your child’s doctor will address their medical history and ask questions like how often your child urinates throughout the day or if they experience any pain while urinating. From there, they can help create a treatment plan that can help your child deal with their urinary incontinence.

Treatment may include changing fluid intake and eliminating all caffeine. You may also have to create a urination schedule by waking your child up during the night to go to the bathroom. There are also certain medications that can be utilized, and counseling can help manage your child’s stress, which could help with urinary incontinence.

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