Nocturnal Enuresis

Nocturnal Enuresis In Arkansas & Texas

Enuresis is the term for not being able to control your bladder. Nocturnal enuresis is also known as bedwetting and is when someone urinates while sleeping, at an age when they should be able to control their bladder. Bedwetting doesn’t only happen at a very young age but can affect children that are older or even in their teens. Nocturnal enuresis can be difficult to deal with and needs to be properly understood so that it can be treated, and your child can enjoy an improved quality of life.

Dealing with Nocturnal Enuresis

With nocturnal enuresis, a child often doesn’t receive signals in the middle of the night that they need to urinate and will sleep through the signals, which leads to wetting the bed. It can lead to stress and possibly interrupt their ability to sleep well throughout the night.

Nocturnal enuresis could be caused by hormonal problems, bladder problems, genetics, too much caffeine, psychological problems, or certain medical conditions. There isn’t always a direct known cause, but your child’s doctor can examine their medical history and see what might be a factor in your child’s life.

It’s important to figure out ways to help your child deal with their nocturnal enuresis so that they can feel more comfortable if they want to spend a night away from home. This could be by managing your child’s fluid intake throughout the day, restricting caffeine intake, and creating a urination schedule. This may also mean waking your child up in the night to go to the bathroom. In some cases, medication may be needed to help treat certain hormonal issues.

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