Childhood Bedwetting Solutions

When your child is making the transition out of diapers, the process can be tumultuous, and your child will likely struggle with wetting the bed at first. This is completely normal and usually isn’t an issue to worry about. When bedwetting becomes a regular problem, then treatment might be needed. Wetting the bed can be frustrating for both you and your child. Dr. Stephen Canon, Dr. Honor Canon, and Dr. Danielle Sweeney at Vamio in both Arkansas and Texas can explain through telemedicine what some childhood bedwetting solutions might be and how they can help you and your child stop dealing with the frustrations of bedwetting.

Dealing with Bedwetting

It’s important that your child knows they have a safe space to talk about their issues with wetting the bed. There are many reasons that your child might deal with bedwetting and it’s important to be able to determine what the cause could be. When bedwetting starts impacting your child at a later age than it should, it’s important to talk to our doctor in Little Rock, Arkansas, Austin, Texas, or Houston, Texas, and through telemedicine appointments about what childhood bedwetting solutions might be.

There could be underlying health concerns that are causing your child to wet the bed. If these issues are dealt with, the bedwetting issue will likely go away. Other solutions could be to ensure your child is going to the bathroom before bed to lessen their chances of wetting the bed. You can also manage their fluid intake throughout the day and create a bathroom schedule that they can follow each day.

Your child might also be dealing with stress or anxiety and it’s important to give them an outlet to deal with this. If your child feels comfortable throughout the night, they’re less likely to deal with bedwetting. They may also need certain medications to help reduce how much urine they produce while sleeping.

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