Bedwetting and Summer: How to plan for camps and vacations

Summer is typically the most savored season of the year for kids. They’re free of school schedules and excited by the prospect of activities like sleepaway camp and traveling on family vacations.

One thing that can unfortunately put a damper on a child's sunny outlook for summer is if they experience frequent bedwetting, or nocturnal enuresis. This common childhood condition can be caused by several factors and tends to fun in families.

At Vamio Health, our team of board-certified pediatric urologists and pediatricians offer thoughtful and personalized solutions to treat bedwetting through a convenient and secure telehealth platform.  

At this time of year, our specialists are often asked for advice on how a child who struggles with bedwetting can still attend overnight camp or travel.

Tips to Ease Overnight Camp for Your Bedwetter  

  • Talk to your child’s doctor or schedule a telehealth visit with our pediatric urology team to rule out any medical issues or other conditions that could cause bedwetting. A treatment plan will be recommended based on your child’s symptoms. There are medications that can help, but we suggest trying them out at home prior to leaving for camp.
  • Speak with your child’s camp directors ahead of time to share their bedwetting experiences and ask about how they typically handle this situation. As bedwetting is so common, most camps have procedures in place to make sure campers are taken care of and comforted if they have an accident.
  • Tell your child that they are not the only one to have bedwetting accidents and that it happens all the time. Reassure him or her that their counselors are there to help and instill them with confidence to ask for assistance as soon as needed so they do not have to handle it alone.
  • Pick out comfy yet forgiving pajamas to stock their trunk. Pajamas that are darker in color, or thicker fabric, may help to better conceal an accident until they have time to change, as will a longer, loose-fitting shirt. Make sure to pack plenty of additional changes of pajamas and underwear too.
  • Send extra bedding, such as a second set of sheets, and perhaps a waterproof or disposable mattress pad as well so that clean-up is quick if needed.

With a little extra planning and preparation, your child can enjoy the tradition of summer camp or travel without worry

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