Understanding Pediatric Enuresis Treatment

Understood as bedwetting, enuresis (incontinence) is the loss of bladder control in children. Most kids are fully potty-trained by the time they turn five, and those who aren't or still have "accidents" may have an underlying medical condition or behavioral problem. Pediatric enuresis treatment exists and includes a range of non-invasive to minimally-invasive methods. At Vamio, the Canons have dedicated their professional lives to caring for children and offering families consoling solutions and streamlined support for pediatric enuresis treatment. Having your child evaluated by Dr. Stephen Canon, Dr. Honor Canon, and Dr. Danielle Sweeney for pediatric enuresis treatment in Little Rock, AR via telemedicine, as soon as symptoms appear may help lessen the complications associated with the condition.

Understanding Pediatric Enuresis Treatment 

Several forms of pediatric enuresis treatment are available for pediatric incontinence, including electrical nerve stimulation placed on the lower back to interrupt reflexes that cause your child to lose bladder control. Children engaging in muscle-strengthening exercises can also benefit from biofeedback therapy, where sensors measure the pelvic floor muscle's strength. Other effective methods incorporate a schedule to encourage proper bowel and urinary movements and medications that improve the central nervous system.

Cognitive behavioral therapy may occasionally be beneficial in treating an overactive bladder. Children who experience social embarrassment can benefit from counseling as well. Surgery is a last resort to correct an anatomical problem.

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