Back-to-School and Bedwetting

Heading back to school is typically an exciting time for kids, but it can also cause fear and anxiety. The transition to a fall schedule, and the prospect of new teachers and having to potentially make new friends can all be stressful, especially for children who experience regular accidents from urinating, or enuresis.

For those who are affected by nighttime bedwetting, back-to-school anxiety can trigger more frequent flare-ups or perhaps even fuel new daytime accidents.

At Vamio Health, our team of board-certified pediatric urologists and pediatricians treat enuresis, which is experienced by more than 5 million kids throughout the United States. We strive to develop effective solutions to help each unique child and family through convenient and discreet consultations via our secure telehealth platform.  

How can I help manage urinary accidents at school?

Our bedwetting experts suggest the following tips to help address an accident at school:

● Let your child’s teacher know beforehand that they suffer from enuresis and bladder control can be challenging.
● Discuss with them when to expect bathroom breaks and where to locate the facilities closest to their classroom.
● Always keep an extra change of clothes in your child’s backpack, or have their teacher or school nurse store a set for you in case of an accident.

How can you help prevent nocturnal enuresis episodes at back-to-school time?

If your child is already prone to bedwetting, here are some ways to help minimize additional disruptions throughout the night:

● Regulate their late afternoon and evening fluid intake.
● Avoid serving them caffeinated drinks late in the day which can lead to more frequent urination.
● Stick to a regular urination pattern before going to sleep even if hours shift with the new school bedtime schedule.

In the instance that they are experiencing more severe bedwetting as school starts, try to assure them that this transitional time will pass as they get more settled into their fall routine, and remind them that it’s okay to have accidents.

The more support that they feel, and the less stress and anxiety you exhibit on your part, the better chance you will have at working through this period of anxiousness.

If after the first several weeks of returning to school, daytime, or more frequent nighttime, accidents are occuring, it may be time to see a doctor.

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