When is bedwetting more than just a stage?

Nighttime bedwetting, or nocturnal enuresis, is a condition that affects millions of families.  

It is a condition that our team of board-certified pediatric urologists treat every day at Vamio Health.

Common causes of enuresis may be:

● Too much fluid intake during the day
● Inconsistent bedtime routines or sleep schedules
● Urinary tract infections (UTIs)
● Structural or genetic bladder abnormalities
● Severe emotional stress or trauma

Oftentimes however, bedwetting can be a symptom or sign of another more serious medical condition.

What are some medical conditions associated with bedwetting?

Diabetes, sleep apnea, and ADHD are all issues frequently linked to bedwetting in children.

Here’s a closer look at each condition and the connection to enuresis:

Diabetes: Diabetes is a chronic condition that affects how your body reacts to food, and specifically sugar. It’s estimated that over 200,000 kids and teenagers suffer from diabetes in the United States. As the body has to work harder to process the excess levels of glucose (sugar) circulating in the blood, the kidneys are tasked with increasing more urine to flush out the sugar, resulting in the potential for nighttime accidents.

Sleep apnea: Sleep apnea causes labored or even completely halted breathing at night causing those suffering from it to be robbed of essential rest. Without proper sleep apnea treatment, the body has to work extremely hard to breathe and so other internal functions, such as controlling the bladder and signaling it’s time to urinate, can be compromised.

ADHD: Children who have ADHD are prone to experiencing more stress and anxiety, which results in more stress and strain on the body, in particular the bladder. This can lead to frequent bedwetting, along with an often slower-to-develop central nervous system that is typical with ADHD and a hard time detecting, or feeling, that the bladder is full.

If your child is showing signs of any of these conditions, seek guidance from your pediatrician about visiting with an appropriate specialist.

At Vamio Health, we’re also here to support your family when it’s time to see a doctor and work together towards a more comfortable, and drier, night’s sleep.

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