What is the emotional toll of bedwetting?

Bedwetting can have a significant emotional toll on families who experience it, for both the child and parents.

Research shows that if bedwetting occurs beyond the age of eight to ten years old, a child may develop poor self-worth or self-esteem.

What is the emotional toll or psychological impact of bedwetting?

In addition to low self-esteem, regular bedwetting that goes on without proper care and treatment can lead to:

● Shame or embarrassment when among peers or other family members
● Fear of sleepovers, certain activities, or other social interactions
● Depression or anxiety

How can I help improve my child’s self-esteem if they are a bedwetter?

Our pediatric urology experts agree that unconditional love and a healthy dose of patience go hand-in-hand with whatever your child’s therapeutic treatment might be. Other ways to help boost their self-esteem and provide support while working through bedwetting issues include:

● Offering constant reassurance that they will get through this phase
● Praising them when they are consistent with their treatments and have a good night
● Never punishing or humiliating them for accidents
● Frequently telling them, and sharing with others, some things that they’re really good at: like being a great older sibling, excelling at school or in sports, or showing regular kindness and respect towards other

Also working on limiting your frustrations as a parent of a frequent bedwetter and not projecting them onto your child can be a huge help in not adding to the stress or guilt that they may already feel.

When to see a doctor for bedwetting?

Our pediatric urology specialists recommend consulting a physician if your child continues to wet the bed regularly and if they express concern or are uncomfortable about their bedwetting.

When treating enuresis through our convenient and secure telehealth platform, we strive to develop effective solutions to help each unique child and family.

More helpful information about knowing when to seek treatment for their bedwetting can be found here.

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