Bedwetting Telehealth

How does Vamio Health and its telehealth platform work?

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Following the Covid-19 pandemic, one silver lining was the emergence of telehealth which allows access to healthcare professionals, consultations, and diagnostics, via real-time, virtual means.

Vamio Health was established by pediatric experts who have been treating enuresis for years and realized the need for parents and children to be able to discuss their sensitive bedwetting challenges in the comfort and convenience of their own home.

Vamio Health’s Dr. Stephen Canon has participated in instrumental research regarding the effectiveness of telemedicine over traditional visits for enuresis which found that virtual care contributed to equally successful outcomes as in person care.

Some of the benefits of telehealth for pediatric enuresis include:

  • Convenient after-hours appointments and weekend availability
  • A comfortable and discreet way in which to discuss this sensitive topic.
  • Affordable, expert care that is more cost-effective and efficient than in person treatment.

Partnering with Vamio Health to discover the best bedwetting treatment and solutions for your child could not be easier. When you are ready, first contact us on our website to schedule a consultation.

After you reach out, the following steps will occur:

1.A urinalysis kit will be sent to you with instructions on how to complete it at home.
2. You’ll upload the results to a protected online portal.
3. We’ll send you a unique and secure link to initiate your telehealth consultation with one of our pediatric experts.

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