Does your child wet the bed?

10% of US children regularly wet the bed - we're here to help.

Vamio provides personalized enuresis treatment for your child within the comfort of your own home.

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Through affordable and convenient telehealth appointments, we can help you and your little ones get back to living life comfortably.

"After just one stress-free visit from the comfort of our own living room, he has not wed the bed in over a month! After one full week of waking up dry, he felt confident enough to sign up for his first ever sleep-away summer camp."

doctors Meet The Doctors

The Canons have spent their careers caring for children and providing comforting solutions to families. Through the years, both doctors began to notice a lack of streamlined help for families dealing with Enuresis. They wanted to provide a service that was convenient but offered real-time support and solutions in an empathetic manner.

As experts in the field, the Canons have taken their real-world experience to create Vamio, a telehealth bedwetting solution site dedicated to giving you and your family expert help from the comfort of your own home.

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Patient Testimonials

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  • The Canons provided my family with compassion and effective solutions when we felt like we had run out of options. They are empathetic, knowledgeable, and want to see you and your child as happy as possible. Thank you for getting us on the right track!

    - Taylor A.
  • I've had great success working with the Canons! They are wonderful people that are easy to work with, reliable, positive, and supportive. I am so glad that they are offering telehealth services to help children that suffer with bedwetting issues. Their expertise in the field and passion for helping others is going to be helpful for so many families! Highly recommend!

    Show More - Laura G.